Главная Статьи Our carpeting will help you to creat atmosphere of comfort and cozyness.

Our carpeting will help you to creat atmosphere of comfort and cozyness.

Our carpeting will help you to creat atmosphere of comfort and cozyness. For different functional areas you need to select the appropriate flooring. Carpeting will make your interior individual. Carpet cleaning is easy enough, also if you are tired of drawings or colors – the coating can be changed almost instantly.

In addition, carpet has a lot of different and very useful features. Noise protection of the apartment/office becomes highly effective, the atmosphere gets warmer. While you walk on carpet the weight on the spine is reduced very much in comparison with other floor coverings. How to choose the best suiting carpet? The highest quality can be detected by durability, pile length and quality, color.

Designers, specializing in domestic interiors, usually recommend light or dark carpet, because it looks better than neutral materials. However, the carpeting requires a lot of care, or it will get dirty very fast. Also you need to be very careful in colors choosing. For example, you shouldn’t put scarlet carpet in the working room or bedroom. Actually, there are no universal recommendations for every situation. From the maintenance point, everything looks clear. For public rooms and sleeping accommodations it is better to choose long split pile carpet. For high traffic places, such as lobby, stairs, hallway or corridor, we recommend to use the carpet with high density in the form of special loops. This carpet is capable to maintain its attractiveness for a long period without losing quality.

You also must pay attention to pile’s color. By increase in pile coloring strength, the total price of carpet floor is also increasing. The high quality carpet is often made from yarn, made of synthetic raw materials with original colors. The next method of carpet production is painting of premade threads. The third method of carpet coloring is the application of screen prints. Carpet produced by the third method has the weakest pile color and this painting will soon burn out or rub off.  It is easy to visually determinethat carpet pile is produced by third method – it is not painted to the bottom.

Another sigh of quality is the carpet’s density. The piles which fits tightly to each other create the dense carpet structure – so it is much more difficult to crush it.

The preservation of its original appearance is the characteristic of the good carpet. This carpet wears a little and starts to shine over time. However, the price for this carpet will be higher.

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