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Good Carpeting is Creat Atmosphere of Comfort (Part 2)

You also must pay attention to pile’s color. By increase in pile coloring strength, the total price of carpet floor is also increasing. The high quality carpet is often made from yarn, made of synthetic raw materials with original colors. The next method of carpet production is painting of premade threads. The third method of carpet coloring is the application of screen prints. Carpet produced by the third method has the weakest pile color and this painting will soon burn out or rub off.  It is easy to visually determinethat carpet pile is produced by third method – it is not painted to the bottom.

Another sigh of quality is the carpet’s density. The piles which fits tightly to each other create the dense carpet structure – so it is much more difficult to crush it.

The preservation of its original appearance is the characteristic of the good carpet. This carpet wears a little and starts to shine over time. However, the price for this carpet will be higher.

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